Jeremy Garretson

Jeremy Garretson

 Alabama Hills - Lone Pine, CA.

Alabama Hills - Lone Pine, CA.



My name is Jeremy Garretson and I am a native New Yorker, who moved to Eastern Long Island in my early 20's. I started  shooting in 2005 when I purchased my first SLR while attending Stony Brook University. My early photography classes allowed me to shoot film and process it in the darkroom. This enabled me to learn the core fundamentals of photography before diving into a digital world. 

My first focus in photography was Urban Exploring (URBEX) which entailed entering into some our region's most interesting abandoned hospitals, factories, mansions and asylums. This is where I learned to express my artistic vision and where the excitement of capturing the best photo possible took hold. 

Living on the eastern waters of Long Island allowed me to explore landscape and seascape photography with a particular focus on the relationship between light and weather, and its effect on the natural environment. I have been lucky enough to exhibit my work at The Fiedler Gallery, North Fork Art Collective, Borghese Vineyards, Shuru WInery, East End seaport Museum, Clovis Point Winery and many other establishments across Long Island. 

While my love for Long Island will never fade, I've had the opportunity to photograph many other locations. I recently returned from two intensive photography trips to California and Utah. I am currently planning trips to Washington, Colorado, and Montana. I feel very lucky to live in a country that is so rich with diverse terrain and I plan to shoot it all.

My photographs have been featured in the Suffolk Times, the North Forker, Southold Local, Wine Press, Wall Street Journal, Homes of the North Fork and Acres Magazine as well as in advertisements. 

Every year I make an effort to give back to the community. I've donated fine art prints to charitable events such as the Orient Historical Society Summer Benefit, E.L.I.H. Gala, and Land Sea Gala. 

If you wish to inquire about a print or a service I offer, please go to the contact page. Hope to hear from you.


-Jeremy Garretson



-Landscape Photography                              -Real Estate/Architecture Photography

-Portrait Photography                                  -Event Photography

-Commercial Photography                           -Archival / Documentation Photography

-Post Processing / Retouching                    -Photography Instruction

-Drone Photography                                      -Free Lance Photography (Journalism)

-Food Photography                                        -Video




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Viewing Locations 

A collection of the work is on display Shuru WInery (Cutchogue) and Flying Point Claudio's (Greenport). In September I will be installing my work at First and South (Greenport) and Kate's Cheese Co. (Greenport). The show at Kate's Cheese Co will be local scenes and the show at First and South will showcase images from my travels to our country's National Parks. I am very excited to have an oppotunity to show my photos from my travels because it will include some of my most favorite pieces.


Learn the skills

One of the best parts about my profession is sharing my passion with others. I offer one on one training both in the field and in the digital darkroom.


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