Instruction and Tutorials


Sharing my passion with others - one of the facets of my profession that I find internally rewarding.  Experience the passion, joy, and excitement of shooting in the field or editing in the digital darkroom.

In the Field

Join me as we go on a photography adventure and chase the light. I will teach you all the skills to bring your photography to the next level. We will cover composition, lighting, color theory, as well as creative techniques such as focus stacking, bracketing for Dynamic range, and perspective blending. I also offer a tailored lesson that covers astrophotography. 

Individual Rate - $150/hr

Group Rates Available

Digital DarkRoom

Thanks to technology I am able to offer Photoshop/Lightroom Lessons using Skype. Have you ever taken a photo that has the potential for greatness, but have run into a wall when it comes to post-processing. Well, together we can help reach your editing goals and make your images pop. I have picked up a variety of editing techniques that can help you reach your creative vision. 

Rate - $70/hr

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.45.14 AM.png

Skills and Techniques

-Luminosity Masks

-Dodging and Burning non destructively

-Focus Stacking

-Perspective Blending

-Focal Blending

-Double or Tripple- Processing

-Image stacking to reduce Noise

-Frequency Separation

-Adding Mood

-Color Theory


Free Post Processing Workflow


Recently I created a start to finish post processing video of my "Dawn at Montauk" image. In this video I cover RAW Processing, Creative Workflow, Focal Length Blending, Luminosity Masking, creating mood and atmosphere, local contrast, sharpening and much more. If you're interested in learning more, contact me directly and we can set up a one on one Skype session.